Advenan Hierarchy

Location Eastern Europe, Asia
Founded 2700
Capital Advena
Government Cooperative
Head of State Advenan Overmind
Head of Government Advenan Overmind
Legislature None
Major Species Advenan
Military Advenan Sentries
Intelligence Service Advenan Covert Sentries
Population Unknown
Languages Telepathy
Currency None

The Advenan Hierarchy is the official nation-state of the Advenans on Earth. It is governed by their collective intelligence comprising of all members linked together via telepathic network. It is the de facto governing power, and managed by a governing Advenan mind known as the Overmind.

Advenans are a non-corporeal extra-dimensional race that invaded Earth in 2700. The Advenans exact origins are unknown. They are a very ancient energy-based alien race and possess complex machines, called Vessels, in order to interact with the physical world.

The Advenans unilaterally decided to settle on Earth’s mostly uninhabited territory of Siberia in 2700. The Advenans claimed that Earth was once a territory in their galactic empire centuries ago and that their claim to the world is still valid. While the United Earth Alliance’s demands for withdrawal from the planet are ignored, hostilities escalated quickly.

A short conflict in 2780 proved the Advenans technological and military superiority. The Advenans remained recluse in their territory for another two centuries without incident. Eventually an uneasy truce was agreed to between the two sides.

Advenans later conquered Earth during World War 5.