Anhangabaun Free State

Location South America
Founded 4560
Dissolved 4972
Capital Anhangabaú
Government Democracy
Head of State President
Head of Government Prime Minister
Legislature Anhangabaun Legislaure
Major Species Anhangabaun
Military Anhangabaun Attack Force
Intelligence Service Anhangabaun Intelligence Agency
Population 315,000,000
Languages Anhangabaun, Spanish
Currency Anhangabaun Lir

The Anhangabaun Free State was the official state of the people of Anhangabaú and it's surrounding colonies, founded around 4560 by survivors of the Advenan War. It was conquered by the Esmeraldan Empire following the Esmeraldan-Anhangabaun War in 4972 and absorbed as a new province known as Reino del Sur.

The major cities and colonies included: