Baron of Laws
Incumbent Patrick Labelle
Residence The Sûreté
Jurisdiction Duchy of Esmeralda
First Holder Michel Labelle
Title Established 4496
Overlord Grand Duke of Esmeralda

The Baron of Laws is responsible for the implementation of new laws, managing the prisons as well as serving as liaison to the Master Prefect in the Duchy of Esmeralda.

The title is bestowed on the head of House Labelle and is answerable to the Grand Duke of Esmeralda.

Officers from the "Sheriff" caste of House Labelle are charged with supporting the Baron of Laws. Senior members of this caste who serve as both liaison and administrators for regional lords hold the title of 'Sheriff'. The Sheriff in each territory of the Duchy of Esmeralda is a member of House Labelle. Their role is to oversee the activities of the Prefaectus Order in each part of the province and work directly but also independently with the respective Prefect to ensure that royal justice is being served fairly. Members of the caste who do not hold the official title of Sheriff are referred to as 'Deputies'.

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