Berran Meritocracy

Location Australia, New Zealand
Nation Esmeraldan Empire
Confederation 5014
Capital Berra
Government Meritocracy
Head of State President of the Berran Meritocracy
Head of Government Board of Directors
Legislature Chief Legal Officer
Prefect Lisa Prohaszka
Imperial Senate 14 Seats
Curiate Council 1 Seat
Military Fifth Imperial Fleet
Major Species Human
Population 421,000,000
Languages English
Culture Berran (Majority)

Procyon (Minority)
Boar (Minority)

Currency Imperial Kilo

The Berran Meritocracy is a province of the Esmeraldan Empire located in what was once Australia and New Zealand. It became part of the Esmeraldan Empire following the Berran War and subsequent absorption of the Berran State and the Natodren Nation in 5014.

Due, in part, to the great distance between Esmeralda Prime and Berra, this province has kept and maintained many of its local customs and laws. Due to these different ethnic, legal, and political factors, the Berrans are very independently minded, with a stronger sense of "national identity" than many of the other provinces of the empire. This has resulted in the creation of political party in the Imperial Senate known as the Berran Block which advocates for seperation from the empire.

The people of this region are properly known as "Berrans", however the Procyon population of Natodren has its own distinct national identity that is meshed with the human and isalon culture.

Cities and Colonies Edit

The major cities and colonies include:

Noble Houses Edit

The five noble houses of the Berran Meritocracy, and their respective territories, are:

People and Culture Edit

The vast majority of people from this province identify as Berran while the citizens of Natodren are Procyon and have their unique society which is heavily influenced by the Berrans.

Berran society is based upon the concept of meritocracy, a political philosophy which holds that power should be vested in individuals almost exclusively according to merit. Advancement in Berran society is based on performance measured through examination and/or demonstrated achievement in the fields where it is implemented.

Despite having noble houses under royal decree, members of the nobility are treated no differently than any other citizen within their territory.

Most Berrans strongly dislike being part of the Esmeraldan Empire, with a strong desire to separate and have a particular disdain for the North Folk.

Berrans have a reputation for hot-bloodedness and sexual licentiousness, and are still viewed with some mistrust and rivalry by the people of the empire.

When dealing with outsiders, they are known to employ a method of controlled deviousness. As a culture, the Berrans are generally thought of as duplicitous, a reputation reinforced by the actions of their people over time. Reluctance to rely on overt hostility generally lead Berrans to play a waiting game with their opponents, attempting to manipulate an adversary into breaking – or appearing to break – an agreement so as to give them a solid justification for taking full advantage of the situation.

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