Boar Republic

Location Southern Africa
Nation Esmeraldan Empire
Confederation 5003
Capital Pretoria
Government Democracy
Head of State Governor of the Boar Republic
Head of Government Premier of Boar
Legislature Boar Republican Legislature
Prefect Leigh Huber
Imperial Senate 19 Seats
Curiate Council 1 Seat
Military Fourth Imperial Fleet
Major Species Isalon
Population 572,000,000
Languages Boarish, English, Rattan
Culture Boar
Currency Imperial Kilo

The Boar Republic, also known as the Boarish Republic and the Pretorian Republic, is a province of the Esmeraldan Empire located in Southern Africa. It became part of the Esmeraldan Empire following the absorption of the former Pretorian Confederacy in 5003 as a result of the Boar War.

The people of this region are properly known as "Boar", though its people are sometimes referred to as the "Boarish".

Cities and Colonies Edit

The major cities and colonies include:

Noble Houses Edit

The seven noble houses of the Boar Republic, and their respective territories, are::

People and Culture Edit

The people of this region are known as the Boar. The name was likely derived from the "Boer", which were Dutch settlers that had once inhabited the region centuries before.

The Pretorians and the Isalons share a common language (known as Boarish) as well as an intertwined and complicated history that forms the foundation of Boar society. The culture functions largely through a system of family reputation and honour, similar to that of the North Folk and South Folk. Warrior tradition is an integral part of their lives and breaking from observances is considered a grievous insult to society. An offense usually brings shame to the offender's family and/or house for several generations.

Despite there being four very different species making up the population of the region, everyone identifies as Boar, including the mutant species known has the Rattans who have fully embraced the culture.

While they are not particularly a religious people, ritual is still a very important element in Boar society. Once a Boar citizen has died, the spirit is considered to have exited the body, leaving behind a worthless shell to be disposed of.

The Boar are a very passionate people and have a well deserved reputation for aggression and belligerence, especially if they feel they are being cheated or insulted. They also possess a keen sense of freedom and do not take well to being told what to do or constrained by anyone outside of their own authorities, as such they tend to prefer the company of their own kind. 

The culture fully embraces the benefits of acting part of a larger nation but despise the notion of submitting to the throne. The Boar largely believe in democratic reform for the empire and equal rights for all citizens.

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