Location Venezuela
Nation Esmeraldan Empire
Province Reino del Sur
Established 4790
Incorporated 4972
Government Duchy
Leader Duke of Brindzan
Ruling House(s) Ross

Carpentier (Formerly)

Imperial Senate 3 Seats
Major Species Human
Population 80,500,000
Languages English, Spanish
Culture South Folk (Majority)

North Folk (Minority)

Currency Imperial Kilo

Brindzan is a city-state of the Esmeraldan Empire located in what was once Venezuela. The city is part of Reino del Sur. It was originally established by citizens of Esmeralda Prime as a colony. It was later annexed by the Anhangabaun Free State during the Esmeraldan-Anhangabaun War. It has remained under the control of Anhangabaú Prime and it's surrounding territory since that battle despite it later being retaken by Esmeraldan forces during the war.

The city is subterranean and built four kilometers below the Earth's surface, just above the Earth's mantle, and exists entirely underground.

History Edit

The city was founded by House Carpentier in 4790.

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