Chancellor of the Esmeraldan Empire
Incumbent Jon Medici
Oral Address My Lord
Residence Imperial Palace of Esmeralda Prime
Jurisdiction Imperial Royal Court
Appointer The Emperor
First Holder Pamlico
Title Established 4496

The Imperial Chancellor is the title for the head of government of the Esmeraldan Empire. It is the most powerful appointed position in the empire. The Chancellor is the Emperor's closest adviser, appointed and authorized to make decisions in the Emperor's name. He or she is directly responsible for maintenance and operation of the The Consilium and the Imperial Military .

Several key positions within the government and military report directly to the Chancellor, including the leader of the Imperial Senate (Prime Minister), the leader of the Curiate Council (Viceroy) and the Supreme Commander of the Royal Navy.

In the event that the Emperor in unable to perform his duties due to incapacitation, illnesss or death then the Chancellor assume the role of Imperial Regent until a replacement can be named by the Prefect-Patris.

The Chancellor holds a permanent seat in The Consilium.

Timeline of Chancellors Edit

  • 5199-5226: Mui Ming Chow
  • 5226-5256: Jason Ironheart
  • 5256-5260 : Dr. Robert Lefcourt
  • 5262-5265: Mextran
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