The Consilium is an assembly of advisers and prominent officials whom are directly in the employ of the Emperor of the Esmeraldan Empire. Many of the members of the Consilium hold some of the highest government positions and it is often regarded as the true stepping stone towards the throne. It is the executive branch of government

The terms "House Royale" or "Royal Court" are sometimes used synonymously with the Consilium of the Esmeraldan Empire and is often used as a metonymic device to refer to the emperor's household and authority. The emperor often holds audiences and dispenses justice from the throne room.of the Imperial Palace of Esmeralda Prime.

The only real check on the monarch's power is the legislative assembly which consists of the Imperial Senate and The Curiate.

Council Members of The Consilium Edit

The Consilium consist of advisers, government officials and even family members at the central core of the Emperor's inner circle. This is the highest level of the Esmeraldan government where the most important topics and policy are debated upon for the Emperor's decisions.

The council is headed by the emperor, the only one who can make the council's decisions into law, typically requiring ratification of the legislature. In his absence the role falls to the Imperial Chancellor. The council members are appointed and dismissed by the emperor as he wills, a right freely used during times of war and strife.

However, traditionally the council consists of six permanent members with positions reserved for:

Member of the council are, by custom, supposed to be of noble birth only. However, exceptions are made in certain cases, such of the Prime Minister and the Supreme Commander, as individuals holding those positions can easily come from a commoner background.

Current Members Edit

Title Incumbent Political Party House Species
Emperor Vernon Tarsitano Royalist House Carpentier Human


Jon Medici Royalist House Carpentier Human
Prefect-Patris Sroolet Unaffiliated House Wollixullax Procyon
Viceroy Nicholas Seko Federalist House Seko Human
Prime Minister Teasha Cullen Federalist House Garbháin Super-Metahuman
Supreme Commander Daniel Rowan Unaffiliated House Reinhardt Human
Master of the Imperial Guard Tijmen Pokorni Unaffiliated House Carpentier Human
Leader of the Official Opposition Vauldreen Democratic Republican House Regdor Isalon
Quaestor Regdor Democratic Republican House Regdor Isalon
Quaestor Torkel Royalist House Streuv Socharen
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