The Containment Act is a piece of imperial legislation created by the Esmeraldan Imperial Senate and Curiate dealing with the rules and laws surrounding Praepositan citizens and their activity. It became law in 5031.

The act requires any and all praepositans to register with the government. Failure to do so results in lengthy prison sentences and other harsh sanctions.

As praepositans are genetically compatible with both regular humans and other metas for procreation, it is generally believed that they will eventually cause the extinction of other races through interbreeding. This was the primary intent of the law. The act forbids them from marrying and interbreed with anyone who is not also a declared super-meta. Unauthorized marriages are annulled and any pregnancies between a super-meta and non-member are terminated.

Any unauthorized use of their extraordinary abilities within the empire is strictly forbidden and can even be considered an act of terrorism.

The act also authorizes the Prefaectus Order to take special measures to ensure safety and security during with Praepositans and to amend other acts in consequence thereof.

The law also forbids praepositans from serving in the Esmeraldan military or being elected to the senate.

Thus any attempt by the Prefaectus Order to suspend the civil rights of praepositans, even in an emergency, will be subject to the "reasonable and justified" force. Citizens deemed with this affliction that are considered to be dangerous can be taken in custody indefinitely without trial.

While the act does not specifically outright forbid it, it does make it extremely difficult (but not impossible) for praepositans to become members of the nobility or obtain any kind hereditary title.

Terms of the Containment Act Edit

The Containment Act decrees that all praepositans are:

  • Required to register themselves with the government;
  • Forbidden to use their abilities unless lawfully authorized to do so;
  • Forbidden to fornicate and/or breed with non-praepositans;
  • Forbidden to marry non-praepositans;
  • Forbidden to serve in the Imperial Legion;
  • Forbidden to run for (or serve in) the Imperial Senate;
  • Forbidden to be bestowed with a noble lordship (though can be a member of the nobility);
  • Forbidden to serve in the Consilium.