Location Northern Africa
Nation Esmeraldan Empire
Confederation 4998
Capital Uma Prime
Government Gerontocracy
Head of State 1st Elder of the Datu
Head of Government Datun Council of Elders
(5 Persons)
Legislature Sheriff of Datu
Prefect Gabriel Ikin
Imperial Senate 15 Seats
Curiate Council 1 Seat
Military Third Imperial Fleet
Major Species Human
Population 150,000,000
Languages English, Rattan
Culture Datun
Currency Imperial Kilo

Datu, also known as the Uman Datu, is a province of the Esmeraldan Empire located in Northern Africa. It became part of the Esmeraldan Empire following the absorption of the former Uman Alliance in 4998.

The people of this region are properly known as "Datuns", though its people are sometimes simply referred to as "The Datu".

Cities and Colonies Edit

The major cities and colonies include:

Noble Houses Edit

The five noble houses of Datu, and their respective territories, are:

People and Culture Edit

The people of this region are known as Datun or sometimes The Datu. Their culture is based around gerontocracy and the oldest living citizens in this region are held in the highest regard as well as positions of decision making and authority. There is a strong emphasis on leading a healthy lifestyle to reach the oldest age possible for one's self.

The people of this region are also highly industrious. Commerce and financial trading in the empire is centered around this region. The culture is centralized around the concept of technological advancement and profit earning. Unlike other cultures who frequently idolize warriors or politicians, businessmen and inventors are the pillars of Datun society. The pursuit of these ideals are seen beneficial to furthering their ultimate goal, which is to live a long and healthy life which will advance their social standing as they age. There is also an urgency among this culture to accomplish one's life goals as young as possible before growing old enough, and accordingly, thrust into a position of authority within the culture and too busy with responsibilities to pursue personal interests.

Every citizen of the region is listed on the provincial index, indicating where they rank among youngest and oldest in comparision to others. This ever changing index serves to provide context of rank among citizens.

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