Esmeralda Minor
Location North America
Nation Esmeraldan Empire
Province Principality of Esmeralda
Established 4796
Incorporated 5249
Government Duchy
Leader Earl of the West
Earl of the East
Ruling House(s) Reinhardt (West)
Troy (East)
Imperial Senate 6 Seats
Major Species Human
Population 30,000,000
Languages English
Culture North Folk
Currency Imperial Kilo

Esmeralda Minor is a regional municipality of the Principality of Esmeralda. It collectively comprises of smaller towns, settlements and outposts scattered throughout North America that belong to no particular city-state in the realm.

At present, citizens, property and territory of Esmeralda Minor is split between two ruling houses, including House Troy in the east and House Reinhardt in the west.

It was previously ruled solely by House Reinhardt. After the fall of Larkstonia during the Stradan War, House Troy was left without a seat. As compensation for their loss in the war, Emperor Garbháin II split the region in half and gave the lands in the eastern portion of territory to the surviving members of House Troy.

Notable Natives Edit