Esmeralda Prime
Location Western Nevada
Nation Esmeraldan Empire
Province Principality of Esmeralda
Established 4433
Incorporated 4481
Government Monarchy
Leader Earl of Esmeralda Upper
Earl of Esmeralda Lower
Ruling House(s) Conteville (Upper)
Carpentier (Lower)
Imperial Senate 8 Seats
Major Species Human
Population 584,118,000
Languages English
Culture North Folk
Currency Imperial Kilo

Esmeralda, also called Esmeralda Prime, is the capital of the Esmeraldan Empire and the most populous city-state in the world. It is named for the former Esmeralda County, which was a county in the west of U.S. state of Nevada prior to the Advenan War. The city is often referred to as "Esmeralda Prime" to distinguish it from Esmeralda Minor and the Principality of Esmeralda, of which it is a part and also the capital.

The city is subterranean and built four kilometers below the Earth's surface, just above the Earth's mantle, and exists entirely underground. It consists of a massive series of caverns deep under the ruined planet's surface, close to the planet's core for warmth, power and protection.

The capital city is really two places, Esmeralda Upper and Esmeralda Lower. Traditionally, citizens, property and territory of Esmeralda Prime is split between two ruling houses, including House Conteville and House Carpentier. However, the ruling Emperor of the Esmeraldan Empire and the Viceroy of the Esmeraldan Empire truly command more respect and authority within the capital than either house.

History Edit

Following World War 5, the Advenans began experimenting on human survivors and kept them in camps for centuries while conducting experiments.

In 4431 a group of two-hundred prisoners (lead by Jeremy Tull) from an Advenan experimentation facility escape with a stolen shuttle. They crash in the Nevada dessert, in the county of Esmeralda. There, they discover an abandoned and forgotten fallout shelter from World War 4 and resurrect it. Within fifty years, they build a fairly prosperous society inside the fallout shelter and name it Esmeralda.

Areas Edit

The city is divided into 38 sectors with two distinct sections, known as Upper and Lower. Each sector of city is subdivided into 36 regions.

Upper Edit

Lower Edit

  • Second 21, houses industrial equipment that supports the life support and waste reclamation facilities.
  • Sector 22, location of The Heartden and seat of power of House Carpentier. Hotbed of crime divided up between an ever changing roster of various criminal factions, small-time thugs and gangsters. Most Gladiator training facilities are located here as well.
  • Sector 23, munitions manufacturing.
  • Sector 24, house power stations, fabrication furnaces and maintenance facilities.
  • Sector 25, water recycling.
  • Sector 26, peasant residential and orphanages.
  • Sector 27, location of the city's major prison.
  • Sector 28, industrial factories.
  • Sector 29, industrial factories.
  • Sector 30, chemical factories.
  • Sector 31, peasant residential.
  • Sector 32, peasant residential.
  • Sector 33, peasant residential.
  • Sector 34, peasant residential.
  • Sector 35, facilities dedicated for the storage of hazardous materials.
  • Sector 36, peasant residential.
  • Sector 37, peasant residential.
  • Sector 38, contains the primary fusion core and fuel tanks.

Local Government Edit

The Goldron (Esmeralda Upper) Edit

  • Lord: James Bayeux of House Conteville. Lord of the Goldron, Earl of Esmeralda Upper and Baron of Treasury.
    • Missionary: Alfred Achterberg of House Carpentier
    • Sheriff: Corentin Labelle of House Labelle.
    • Treasurer: Jayla Bayeux of House Conteville.
    • Reader: Tristen Cullen of House Garbháin.
    • Master-at-Arms: Geoffrey Reinhardt of House Reinhardt.
    • First Healer: Dionisio Uro of House Seko.
    • Foreman: Daniel Kerns of House Titus.
    • Spymaster: Avila Skaya of House Troy.
    • Arbitrator: Fabijan Ramsay of House Tull.

The Heartden (Esmeralda Lower) Edit

  • Lord: William Carpentier of House Carpentier. Lord of the Heartden, Earl of Esmeralda Lower and Baron of Welfare.
    • Missionary: Jefferson Baldwin of House Carpentier
    • Sheriff: Dieudonné Carpentier-Labelle of House Labelle.
    • Treasurer: Meltina Markson of House Conteville.
    • Reader: Kieran Garbháin of House Garbháin.
    • Master-at-Arms: Dyson Reinhardt of House Reinhardt.
    • First Healer: Algernon Seko of House Seko.
    • Foreman: Anabelle Boros of House Titus.
    • Spymaster: Marilou Skaya of House Troy.
    • Arbitrator: Leberecht Tullson of House Tull.

Notable Natives Edit

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