Origin Earth
Body Type Humanoid
Lifespan 100 years
Number of Limbs 4
Number of Fingers 5
Number of Eyes 2
Distinctive Features None

Humans (Homo sapiens) are a humanoid species. This species originated from planet Earth in the Sol system. Humans are the only surviving race of several sentient/intelligent species to have evolved from the Genus Homo.

Offshoot Races Edit

Following the events of the Advenan War, many human survivors were exposed to radiation and other factors that dramatically affected their genetic code. Over the course of time, this resulted in the creation several mutant offshoots races known as meta-humans or simply metas.

List of Meta Races Edit

Genetic Compatibility Edit

Humans are only genetically compatible with members of their own species and praepositans for the purposes of reproduction. However, sexual relations are possible between humans and all of their sub-species.

Notable Humans Edit

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