Imperial Intelligence & Security
Benefactors House Troy
Headquarters Imperial Legion Command, Sector 2, Esmeralda Prime

Larkstonia (Formerly)

Current Commander

Imperial Intelligence & Security is a military agency that serves one of the eleven main branches of the Imperial Legion, the military department of the Esmeraldan Empire.

It is overseen by the Chief of Imperial Intelligence & Security, which is typically held by a Legionnaire officer with the rank of Rear-Admiral.

The branch was headquartered in Larkstonia prior to the city being annexed by the Stradans in 5249. It is now headquartered in Esmeralda Prime.

Structure Edit

The organization functions with three main sections that very work closely together to safeguard the empire and its interests:

Security Corps Edit

The Esmeraldan Security Corps is the paramilitary branch of the Royal Navy that employs and trains appropriately qualified peace officers from the local population to act as a security force on all military airships, stations and bases. As such, they operate as military police wing of the military. Their ranks are sometime bolstered by the Marine Corps when necessary. In partnership with the Prefaectus Order, Security Corps Legionnaires are required to enforce the civil laws of the Esmeraldan Empire and adhere to the rule of due process. The standard security uniform is maroon.

Internal Affairs Edit

This special division oversees the conduct of members of all other Legion branches. It tests the loyalty of Legionnaires if they are suspected of acting against the empire's interests. This division also liaises closely with the Prefaectus.

Secret Service Edit

This special division is a covert reconnaissance, investigation and research organization within the Legion and it is responsible for investigating possible new threats to the empire. Officers and other personnel assigned to this division are given the designation of "Agent" or "Analyst" depending on their specific role. The head of this section holds the title of "Director", in addition to their military rank.

Hazard Intervention Edit

The Imperial Hazard Intervention Division (also called I-HID) is a highly trained task force made up of some of the most skilled and specialized operatives in the empire. Its tasked with intercepting, neutralizing and also destroying threats identified by the Secret Service. The head of this section also holds the title of "Director", in addition to their military rank. Many field agents that recruited to this division have no military background or status whatsoever and are retained purely due to their unique skillset.