Imperial Legion
Active 4531-present
Nation Esmeraldan Empire
Allegiance Emperor Carpentier I
Size Over 50 airships

Numerous Talon fighters
Several large tanks

Motto For the good of all
Engagements Esmeraldan-Anhangabaun War

Boar War
Berran War
First Metal War
Second Metal War
Third Metal War
Border Wars
Stradan War

Supreme Commander Daniel Rowan

The Esmeraldan Imperial Legion, or simply the Imperial Legion or Legion, is the military department of the Esmeraldan Empire, founded in 4531. Officers and enlisted members of the Legion are known as Legionnaires.

This singular institution consists of eleven main branches and agencies:

Which are together overseen by the Imperial Legion Command, chaired by the Supreme Commander. This is supervised and funded by the Ministry of Defence of the Imperial Senate.

At the pinnacle of the command structure is the absolute authority, who is the reigning Imperial monarch, The Emperor of the Esmeraldan Empire.

Benefactors Edit

The Legion's various fleets and divisions are supported by the Great Houses of the empire by means of personnel, finance, food and supplies. When a new military asset is requisitioned by the empire, the Emperor calls on one of the great houses to finance the construction of the vessel and the provide it with resources and materials to support it while it is in service to the empire. On board a Legion ship or base, the majority of the crew will be made up people who are either members of the benefactor's house or commoners from a territory that is ruled by that house. Officers and the command staff are mostly assigned based on their experience and need, with little regard to their origins.

Imperial Fleets Edit

There are five numbered fleets in the Legion's air navy including:

Uniforms Edit

Duty Uniforms Edit

Both officers and enlisted Legionnaires are issued simple double-breasted, black duty uniforms.

Officers also wear a special sash over their duty jacket. Officers from a noble background have their house sigil affixed to the sash, while commoner officers (who are without an allegiance to a specific house) simply wear the Legionnaires sigil. Enlisted noblemen have the option to display their sigil if they wish to but would still not wear the sash. There are also other medals and awards that can be worn on the sash, particularly by high-level line and flag officers. Flag officers have gold piping on their sash.

Rank insignia is worn on both sides of the stand-up collar.

The wearer's division colour is indicated by the lapels on both shoulders.

Pilot qualification wings (when applicable) are worn on the upper left arm.

A round imperial seal as well as the wearer's current assignment patch (ship or base) are sewn to the upper right arm.

Fatigues Edit

The fatigues are coverall jumpsuits which are coloured by division, i.e. orange for the Marines and dark blue for naval aviators, etc.

Like the duty uniforms, the fatigue uniforms denote the assignment of the wearer is serving on. Rank insignia are affixed to both collars.

The uniform is worn by both enlisted crew and officers in off-duty and informal situations.

Marine Corps Battle Armour Edit

Imperial Legion Marines generally wear the standard duty uniform while not engaged in combat situations.

The marine battle armour uniform is designed for elite combat scenarios. They feature black load-bearing vests, pressurized helmets, communications gear, knee and elbow pads, gloves and goggles.

Divisions Edit

Each Legionnaire is assigned to a division of the military based upon skills, proficiency and assignment.

The ten divisions of the Legion, with their corresponding colour, include:

Service Divisions of the Esmeraldan Imperial Military
Division Colour


Flight Control



Light Blue

Weapons Research and Scientific Development


Marine Corps


Security Corps and Military Intelligence


Naval Aviation and Combat

Dark Blue

Operations Guild


Engineering Corps


Administrative and Enlisted Services


Enlistment Edit

Enlistment in the Legion is open to all citizens of the Esmeraldan Empire deemed both fit and qualified to serve without prejudice to species, creed, gender or faith. However, praepositans are prohibited under the terms of the Containment Act from service in the Legion.

Normally the Legion is a strictly professional force with a volunteer only recruiting policy, however during wartime imperial conscription can be implemented on all citizens of the Esmeraldan Empire not deemed exempt to compensate for the losses suffered during war.

Rank Structure Edit

Flag Officer Rank Structure
Rank Marine Equivalent Insignia
Admiral / Supreme Commander None

* - - - -

Vice-Admiral General

* - - -

Rear-Admiral Lieutenant General

* - -

Commodore Brigadier

* -

Line Officer Rank Structure
Rank Marine Equivalent Insignia
Captain Colonel

- - - -


Lieutenant Colonel

- - -

Lieutenant Commander


- - .



- -

Lieutenant (JG)


- .







Non-Commissioned Member Rank Structure
Rank Marina Equivalent Insignia
Warrant Officer Warrant Officer

0 -

Master Chief Petty Officer

Sergeant Major

0 ) ) ) ) )

Senior Chief Petty Officer

Master Sergeant

0 ) ) ) ) 

Chief Petty Officer


0 ) ) )

Petty Officer 1st Class


) ) )

Petty Officer 2nd Class

Lance Corporal

) )

Petty Officer 3rd Class

Private First Class





Citations and Medals Edit

Krazer Cross Edit

The Krazer Cross is the Esmeraldan Empire's highest military honour. The medal is awarded by the Emperor for bravery and valour in the face of the enemy. It is also awarded for personal acts of valour above and beyond the call of duty.

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