Malachy Mermoz
Alias Akros (in secret)
Position Vigilante (in secret)
Birth Name Malachy Cullen
Origin Labelle City
Born 5255
Culture North Folk
Allegiance Esmeraldan Empire
Social Status Commoner
Subject Of House Carpentier
Father Vernon Tarsitano (Biological)

Theodore Mermoz (Adoptive)

Mother Teasha Cullen (Biological)

Kristine Mermoz (Adoptive)

Species Human (Officially)

Praepositan (Secretly)

Gender Male
Age 10
Height 5'2"
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Green
Skin Colour White
Special Abilities Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes
Enhanced Strength

Current Status Alive

Malachy Mermoz is a Commoner boy from Esmeralda Prime. Officially, he is human. Secretly, he has matured as a Praepositan as a result of his Meta heritage.

Biography Edit

Mermoz is the biological offspring of Senator Teasha Cullen and Viceroy Vernon Tarsitano but was given up for adoption and is being raised by Ted & Kristine Mermoz. Like his biological mother, he is secretly a praepositan and is beginning to develop enhanced abilities. In 5265, he is a young boy living in a criminal hardened area of Esmeralda Prime.

Personality Edit

Physical Description Edit

A white human male from Esmeralda Prime’s notorious sector 22. Memoz has shaggy brown hair. 

Prominent Military and Political Titles Held Edit

Notable Accomplishments Edit

Timeline Edit

  • 5255: Born in Labelle City as Malachy Cullen
  • 5255: Adopted by Theodore & Kristine Mermoz of Esmeralda Prime (Sector 22)
  • 5255: Renamed Malachy Mermoz
  • 5260: The Borders Wars End
  • 5262: Begins training as an elite level gymnast
  • 5264: Praepositan mutation manifests with the abilities of enhanced agility, speed and strength