Marine Corps
Benefactors House Reinhardt
Headquarters Imperial Legion Command, Sector 2, Esmeralda Prime
Current Commander

The Marine Corps is one of the eleven main branches of the Imperial Legion, the military department of the Esmeraldan Empire. It is the only branch of the Legion that uses army ranks, as opposed to naval. Legionnaires who transfer to this division must adopt the army style ranks. However, officers do have the option to retain their marine rank structure if they transfer to one of the other divisions, although this is a seldom exercised option and most officer convert back to the naval rank structure.

It is overseen by the Commandant of the Marine Corps, which is typically held by a Legionnaire officer with the rank of General.

The corps constitutes the Esmeraldan Empire's primary infantry force, though they are also used primarily in boarding operations and a detachment may be used to bolster an airship's security force.

Marine officers wear duty uniform very similar to that of their naval counterparts but with an orange division colour indicator and different rank insignia, while NCOs and enlisted personnel wear orange fatigues.