The Prefefaetus Council is the governing body of the entire Prefaectus Order. The council's decisions are final and to be respected by all Prefects. Membership on this body is limited to nine Archprefects at a time, with each member appointed by unanimous vote of the current members.

The Prefect-Patris is considered the most senior member of the order, and is its personal representative to the Emperor. The Prefect-Patris is elected by the Prefaectus Council to personally advise the Emperor and serve in the Royal Court. Only the Prefaectus Council may select the Prefect-Patris and even the Emperor may not dismiss them or strip him or her of their title.

Members Edit

  • Prefect-Patris: leader of the order
  • Master of Judgment: the second highest ranking member of the order.
  • Master of the Prefecture: the caretaker of The Prefecture.
  • Master of Records: the order's historian and scholar.
  • Master of Secrets: charged with acquiring intelligence.
  • Master of Training: charged with recruitment, training and pairing apprentices with masters.
  • Master of Wisdom: charged with scientific and academic pursuits.
  • Master of Combat: charged with maintaining the highest level of weaponry and martial art training for members.
    • In times of war, the Master of Combat may also be called to temporarily become the Master of Warcraft by the Royal Court and would assign members of the order to join in the war efforts in collaboration with the Prefect-Patris.
  • Master of Internal Review: charged with investigations concerning its own members.
  • Master of the Imperial Guard: commander of an elite unit of prefects charged with the protection of the Emperor and the rest of the Royal Court.
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