Prefect-Patris of the Esmeraldan Empire
Incumbent Prefect Sroolet
Oral Address Your Grace
Residence Esmeralda Prime
Jurisdiction Prefaectus Order
Appointer The Emperor
First Holder Prefect Horsinis
Title Established 4610

The Prefect-Patris is the title for leader of the Prefaectus Order of the Esmeraldan Empire.

The Prefect-Patris holds a permanent seat in The Consilium. The position is also given sole authority to select and crown the new Emperor on the advice of the Imperial Chancellor and their final decision must be in compliance with imperial law.

Timeline of Prefect-Patris Edit

  • 5191-5199: Prefect Methan Pax
  • 5199-5226: Prefect Derkach
  • 5226-5242: Prefect Dias
  • 5242-5251: Prefect Jacob Marley
  • 5251-5265: Prefect Jon Medici
  • 5265-present: Prefect Sroolet
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