Location Southern Africa
Nation Esmeraldan Empire
Province Boar Republic
Established 4481
Incorporated 4560
Government Democracy
Leader Mayor of Pretoria
Ruling House(s) licit Ne'rua
licit R'apa
Imperial Senate 6 Seats
Major Species Pretorian
Population 100,000,000
Languages Boarish, English
Culture Boar
Currency Imperial Kilo

Pretoria is a city-state of the Esmeraldan Empire located in what once was Southern Africa. The city is the capital of the Boar Republic. It is sometimes referred to as Pretoria Prime.

It was originally established by survivors of the Advenan War as a refuge. It became part of the Esmeraldan Empire following the Boar War when the Pretorian Confederacy's economy and military were virtually wiped out.

The city is built above the Earth's surface inside a specialized air pocket that is maintained by specialized technology.

History Edit

The city was founded by the survivors of the Advenan War in 4437. It was forced to join the Esmeraldan Empire in 5003 following the Boar War.

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