Location Western Australia
Nation Esmeraldan Empire
Province Berran Meritocracy
Established 4681
Incorporated 4711
Government Meritocracy
Leader General Manager of Rait
Ruling House(s) Rockilna
Imperial Senate 3 Seats
Major Species Humans, Isalons
Population 70,000,000
Languages English, Boarish
Culture Berran (Majority)

Boar (Minority)

Currency Imperial Kilo

Rait is a city-state of the Esmeraldan Empire located in western Australia. The city was established as a colony of the Berran State around 4681. It is inhabited primarily by humans, with a sizable Isalon minority.

History Edit

The city was a member of the Berran State from 4681 - 5014.

It was conquered by the Esmeraldan Empire in 5014 following the Berran War.

The city is subterranean.