Location Pacific Ocean
Nation Esmeraldan Empire
Province Principality of Esmeralda
Established 4431
Incorporated 4681
Government Duchy
Leader Duke of Sodraas
Ruling House(s) Tull
Imperial Senate 3 Seats
Major Species Sodraasian
Population 51,600,000
Languages Sodraasian, English
Culture North Folk
Currency Imperial Kilo

Sodraas is a city in the Esmeraldan Empire located beneath the Pacific Ocean. The city is part of the Principality of Esmeralda. It is inhabited primarily by the meta-human race known as the Sodraasians.

The city is located below the Pacific Ocean within a network of aquatic pods. It is located adjacent (or below) the Sodraas Shipyards, which is the key airship construction and design facility in the Esmeraldan Empire

Citizens of Sodraas are ruled by House Tull from their seat, Friour.

History Edit

The city was created as a result of the radioactive atmosphere created by the Jushasz Project during World War 5. Many human survivors following the war were exposed to oceanic life and developed amphibious traits. In 4431 the Sodraasians developed the technology to create aquatic pods to live beneath the ocean. This network developed into the modern city of Sodraas.

The Esmeraldan Kingdom made contact with the city in 4566. After a century of amicable relations, imperial expansion became more aggressive. In 4681 the city of Sodraas was blockaded by the Royal Navy and the government later agreed to join the Esmeraldan Kingdom.

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