Stradan War
Dates5243 - 5250
LocationNorth America
ResultStalemate. Ceasefire reached. Larkstonia is annexed by the Stradans.
Esmeraldan EmpireStradan Regime
Commanders and Leaders
Emperor Garbháin II (Henry Cullen)

Admiral Braden Hunt
Admiral Robert Lefcourt
General Dawx Jhorrad
Commodore Daniel Rowan
Commodore Vernon Tarsitano

and others
The Stradan Sovereign

The Quartan Marshal
The Mollasian Baron

and others
Casualties and Losses
Military dead:

Over 800,000
Civilian dead:
Over 2,000,000
Total dead:

Over 2,800,000
Military dead:

Over 2,600,000
Civilian dead:
Over 500,000
Total dead:

Over 3,100,000
BattlesBattle of Qarta Minor

Battle of Mollas
Battle of Boy's Bay
Battle of Tired Sea
Battle of Port Bayeux
Battle of Larkstonia Flats

Battle of Esmeralda Prime

The Stradan War was a military conflict fought between the forces of the Esmeraldan Empire and those of the Stradan Regime that began in 5243.

Background Edit

The Stradans and the Esmeraldan had been at peace for over two centuries. While trade and open dialogue was kept at a minimum, there had been no significant military conflicts either.

The Stradans had honoured their long-standing treaty with the Esmeraldans. However, they became increasingly concerned over their growth and influence the Esmeraldans had established over time.

With the Advenans defeated in the third metal war, the Stradans became convinced that they would be the next target of their imperial conquest. In 5243, the Stradan fleet attacked without provocation or warning with the destruction of the HMS Boxall. War broke out immediately between the two sides as the Esmeraldans had longed to discover how the Stradans had advanced over the centuries. The empire quickly realized that the Stradan fleet was technological superior to their own and the Stradans began taking more and more victories in the war.

Conclusion Edit

In 5249, Larkstonia was annexed by the Stradan military forces. A few short months later the Stradans attempted to end the war in a final blow by attacking the imperial capital of Esmeralda Prime. The losses on both sides were devastating, however the Esmeraldan forces proved to be victorious. The battle of Esmeralda Prime resulted in the remaining Stradan forces to retreat into their territory. In early 5250, a ceasefire was established by both sides. Active military exercises and engagement came to a halt; however the war was not officially over and no treaty is in place.

Major Battles and Events Edit

  • 5243: Stradan War Begins
  • 5243: 'Battle of Qarta Minor'. Imperial 1st Fleet defeated by Stradan 2nd Battalion. Forced to retreat.
  • 5245: 'Battle of Mollas'. Imperial 2nd Fleet defeated by Stradan 2nd Battalion. Forced to retreat.
  • 5246: 'Battle of Boy's Bay'. Imperial 1st Fleet defeats the Stradan 4th Battalion.
  • 5248: 'Battle of Tired Sea'. Imperial 3rd Fleet defeats the Stradan 1st Battalion.
  • 5248: 'Battle of Port Bayeux'. Imperial 4th Fleet forces retreat to the Stradan 2nd Battalion.
  • 5249: 'Battle of Larkstonia Flats'. HMS Excelsior destroyed. Larkstonia Colony annexed by Stradan Regime
  • 5249: 'Battle of Esmeralda Prime'. Imperial 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Fleets defeat the Stradan 1st and 2nd Battalions.
  • 5250: Stradan War Ceasefire Reached