Teasha Cullen
Title Senator
Position Prime Minister of the Esmeraldan Empire

Federalist Party Leader
Senator for Labelle City's Third District

Former Positions Leader of the Official Opposition
Birth Name Teasha Invu
Origin Garbháin City
Born 5232
Culture North Folk
Education D'jalnasian Institute
Political Party Federalist Party
Allegiance House Garbháin

The Consilium

Social Status Noble
House Caste The Masters
Father Henry Cullen (Biological)

Lance Cullen (Adoptive Father, Uncle)

Mother Invu (Biological)

Lana Labelle (Adoptive)

Children Andrea Cullen (Biological Half-Sister)

Gregory Cullen (Biological Half-Brother)
Samuel Cullen (Adoptive Brother, Cousin)
Malachy Mermoz (Biological Son)

Species Human (Officially)

Praepositan (Secretly)

Gender Female
Age 33
Height 5'9"
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Green
Skin Colour White
Special Abilities Telepathy
Current Status Alive

Teasha Cullen is an Esmeraldan politician who is currently Prime Minister of the Imperial Senate and the Leader of the Federalist Party. She is secretly a praepositan who poses as a regular human.

Biography Edit

Cullen is the daughter of former Emperor Henry Cullen and his meta-human mistress.

Initially ignored by the Emperor, upon her birth she is discovered to be part of the praepositan phenomenon with a human appearance and cannot be raised in a meta-human community without causing problems. Emperor Cullen arranged for her to be adopted by his brother’s family. At a very young age she developed telepathic abilities, which were kept secret from all but a few prominent house members.

After obtaining a business degree from the D'jalnasian Institute and goes into politics. Cullen causes waves in her family by joining the Federalist party, which is considered to be a radical move by the noble houses who traditionally support Royalists. She chooses to run for office in the home city of her mother, Labelle City, to avoid the political fallout.

Shortly after her election to the Senate, Cullen had a brief affair with her political rival, Vernon Tarsitano, which produces a child in 5255 whom she names Malachy. Cullen gives her child up for adoption shortly after his birth and decides to focus on her political career. Cullen uses her secret abilities to manipulate the Imperial Senate and put herself in a key position. Cullen rises up the ranks of the Federalist party and becomes the Prime Minister of the Empire in 5259.

Personality Edit

Cullen is a motivated headstrong woman with a disdain for certain members of the Imperial authority.

Physical Description Edit

Cullen is a tall and slender white woman with long red hair.

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