Third Metal War
Dates5234 - 5238
LocationEast Africa, Australia, Falkair Station, Neutral Zone
ResultEsmeraldan Victory
Advenan HierarchyEsmeraldan Empire
Commanders and Leaders
Advenan Overmind

Trizaak Hiraaz

and others
Emperor Garbháin II (Henry Cullen)

Admiral Risa Prenick
Admiral Robert Lefcourt
General Brian Whitehead
Vice-Admiral Braden Hunt
Captain John Labelle

and others
Casualties and Losses
Military dead:

Over 6,000,000 Civilian dead: Not Applicable Total dead:

Over 6,000,000
Military dead:

Over 150,000 Civilian dead: Over 3,000,000 Total dead:

Over 3,150,000
BattlesBattle of Chaeronea

Battle of Tan Flats
Battle of Nonnel
Battle of Encedurp
Battle of Natodren
Battle of Nedeed
Battle of Narvy Minor
Battle of Retneew
Battle of Port Charles
Battle of Metron
Battle of Binux
Battle of Hokshee

Battle of the Croix

The Third Metal War was a war waged by the Advenans against the Esmeraldan Empire from 5234 - 5238.

Background Edit

In 5210, the remains of an ancient Procyon battle cruiser is discovered near Berra, relatively undamaged. It is refurbished and launched as the HMS Procyon. It provides the Esmeraldan Empire with their only vessel capable of space travel and inter-dimensional jumping. This allows the new flagship of the empire to be almost anywhere on the planet in only a few short minutes. This massive build-up of airships and the new Procyon cruiser causes much concern among the Advenan population. In a bid to slow down this progress, the Advenans declared war in 5234.

Conclusion Edit

The conflict proves to be the greatest war between the two sides, as both sides take heavy losses over the next four years. It is finally a solider named Captain John Labelle of the HMS Atlanta finally crushes the Advenan fleet near Falkair Station in what becomes known as the Battle of the Croix. The decisive battle forces the Advenans to retreat into their territory.

Major Battles and Events Edit

  • 5210: Remains of Procyon Cruiser discovered, designated as the HMS Procyon
  • 5234: Third Metal War Begins
  • 5234: 'Battle of Chaeronea'. Imperial Victory.
  • 5234: 'Battle of Tan Flats'. Advenan Victory. HMS Tull destroyed.
  • 5235: 'Battle of Nonnel'. Advenan Victory.
  • 5235: 'Battle of Encedurp'. Advenan Victory.
  • 5235: 'Battle of Natodren'. Imperial Victory.
  • 5236: 'Battle of Nedeed'. Imperial Victory.
  • 5236: 'Battle of Narvy Minor'. Advenan Victory.
  • 5236: 'Battle of Retneew'. Advenan Victory.
  • 5237: 'Battle of Port Charles'. Stalemate.
  • 5237: 'Battle of Metron'. Imperial Victory.
  • 5237: Towers Incident occurs. HMS Towers destroyed by magnetic field.
  • 5237: 'Battle of Binux'. Imperial Victory.
  • 5238: 'Battle of Hokshee'. Imperial Victory.
  • 5238: 'Battle of the Croix'. Imperial Fleet (led by Captain Labelle of HMS Atlanta) defeats machines.
  • 5238: Third Metal War Ends
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