Viceroy of the Esmeraldan Empire
Incumbent Nicholas Seko
Oral Address My Lord
Heir Apparent To be determined
Residence Imperial Palace of Esmeralda Prime
Jurisdiction The Curiate
Appointer The Emperor
First Holder Brian Ramsay
Title Established 4605
Overlord Emperor of the Esmeraldan Empire
Precursor Crown Prince of the Esmeraldan Empire

The Viceroy is the title for the leader of the Curiate Council of the Esmeraldan Empire. The position is traditionally held by the Grand Duke of Esmeralda but this is not a requirement. Only a member of the Nobility can be named to the position.

The Viceroy holds a permanent seat in the Consilium and is directly responsible for overseeing the executive's interests with the regional governments . The position formally represents, speaks for and pushes the political agenda of the Emperor in council meetings of the Curiate.

The position is also the traditional heir apparent for the position of Emperor and by law has the best claim to the throne upon the death of a monarch. However, the position is provisional upon the will of the Emperor and answers directly to the Imperial Chancellor as a function of imperial government.

Timeline Edit

  • 4605-4655: Brian Ramsay
  • 4655-4709: James Ramsay
  • 4709-4722: Lance Garbháinn
  • 4722-4785: Harold Tull
  • 4785-4786: Creon Ramsay
  • 4786-4860: Linda Pyrex
  • 4860-4902: William Reinhardt
  • 4902-4925: Maxwell Tull
  • 4925-4998: Dominic Pyrex
  • 4998-5000: Guillaume Bayeux
  • 5000-5022: Richard Seko
  • 5022-5082: Janice Pyrex
  • 5082-5112: Bethany Troy
  • 5112-5158: David Labelle
  • 5158-5183: Henry Tull
  • 5183-5207: Joseph Pasquale
  • 5207-5226: Henry Cullen
  • 5226-5256: Jeffrey Tull
  • 5256-5262: John Labelle
  • 5262-5265: Vernon Tarsitano
  • 5265-present: Nicholas Seko
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